Once you leave your optometrist’s office with a prescription for eyeglasses, opticians are in charge of cutting the corrective lenses and making sure the glasses fit perfectly your vision. There is no one-size-fit-all specific model of eyeglasses. A licensed optician will be able to achieve a perfect fitting and comfortable vision. 

The main issue of not having glasses perfectly fitted is pain. If your eyeglasses are too tight it will hurt the side of your head and can cause headaches overtime. If your glasses are too loose, they will keep lying down on your nose and be very annoying, with an increased risk to break them. In both cases, glasses that do not fit well can distort your vision.


Inducted prism is a common inaccuracy that can happen with the wrong lens measurements. This happens when the image in glasses is shifted to another part of the lens. Patients have to look in different locations of the lenses for clear vision. It can cause headaches and dizziness.

Another issue that can happen if the lenses and glasses do not fit correctly is that vision correction can seem too weak or too strong. This happens if your lenses are too close or too far from your eyes.

Our opticians take the time to measure accurately the lenses and glasses placement. This ensures that any distortion is avoided. Style, comfort, and vision are all addressed in each fitting session. By providing honest eye care we ensure the best vision care possible.


Our opticians will always look for the frames that fit your face perfectly from a fashion standpoint. This has no limit as our opticians have deep knowledge and experience to incorporate different shapes to fit your face and personal style. Glasses should always reflect people’s character and uniqueness.

With our large brand designers’ collection, you can be assured that our opticians will find the perfect frames. Plus, we have labs on-premises, which means that we are able to cut prescription lenses in a very fast and efficient way to ensure customer satisfaction.