An optical lab is where the magic happens after your optometrist gave you a prescription for corrective lenses. Opticians work in the lab to cut lenses and shape them accordingly to the prescriptions. They drill, tint, edge, and finish lenses to fit frames. Using advanced manufacturing machines, our opticians ensure that your lenses are curved perfectly to fix any vision issue you may have.


Competition is high in the eye care industry. Having a lab on-premise allows us to give fast and easy services to our patients. Customer service and flexibility are very important in any competitive industry. Being able to have a lab on-site allows us to be flexible and answer patients’ needs because we can supply same-day prescription eyeglasses. This is because we stock prescription lenses and have opticians ready to work on them right after your eye exam.

Controlling the production process from A to Z with the lab on-premise also means that we ensure quality control, accuracy in the lenses, and being able to offer competitive prices to patients. We ensure that our lenses answer to premium standards to give our patients a finished product to achieve superior vision care.


In all our locations, we use top of the line edgers equipped with on-board auto-clamping 3D tracers that offer multi-function shape editing and optical tracing. Our devices are able to grind in all lens materials to give the highest lens polish possible.

We are committed to using the best technology to provide our patients with the best quality.