Who we are

We are Eyepic

An innovative pioneer in the eye care industry, bringing together the vast fields of ophthalmology, optometry, and opticianry as never before.

For years, ophthalmologists and optometrists seemed worlds apart. Patients would seek the expertise of each specialist separately resulting in eye conditions still in their early stages left undetected and untreated. Other times patients in need of eyeglasses would see an ophthalmologist only to be sent elsewhere to an optometrist to realize they would need to visit yet another office for an optician. Eyepic aims to create a better experience for all patients and solve this very issue that has been “normalized” by the eye care industry.

Eyepic was established in 2017 setting into motion our plans to revolutionize the eye care industry. This was the result of years of practice in the industry with numerous eye care professionals. With our first practice opening in Harlem, we courageously challenge the prototype of what an “optical” should be rather than what it can be.

From diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of eye conditions to filling your prescriptions with an unparalleled selection of eyewear; we have all your eye care needs under one roof. With most insurances accepted, our patients can rest assured that we are not only saving them of their valuable time but also of their hard-earned money.

Visit us today and let us show you how our company’s defining principles and desire to provide exceptional service to our community will far exceed your expectations.

Eye exam room
Inside graham eye care. Showing glasses

Our Doctors

Dr. David Lee at Graham Eye Care

Dr. David Lee

David H. Lee, M.D. is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He graduated from the University of Rochester, with the honorary distinction of Magna Cum Laude. He then completed his medical education from Mount Sinai School of Medicine with honors in Ophthalmology Clerkship. After completing his residency as a Chief Resident at the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn, he has been active in educating the Ophthalmology residents as a teacher and attending Catholic Medical Center.

Dr. Indigo Ensign

Dr. Indigo Ensign is an Optometrist at Eyepic Eye Care, a private practice with locations in Williamsburg, Park Slope, Flatbush, and Harlem. She is dedicated to providing high quality eye care to her patients. 

Dr. Indigo provides comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages with a wide variety of ocular conditions. In addition to providing glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Indigo treats dry eye, glaucoma, eye injuries and infections, ocular pathologies and more. 

Dr. Shinjini Bose

Dr. Bose received her optometry degree from New England College of Optometry. She has primarily worked in high volume private practices with an emphasis on ocular disease. Dr. Bose performs routine eye exams, including check-ups for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, and macular degeneration. She takes a particular interest in contact lens fittings. 

Dr. Bose takes pleasure in making sure her patients are satisfied, and she truly enjoys creating relationships while providing comprehensive eye exams. Outside the office Dr. Bose enjoys traveling, trying new cuisines, and practicing yoga.

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