epiceyecare-bronx-storeWe are EYEPIC, an innovative pioneer in the eyecare industry, bringing together the vast fields of ophthalmology, optometry and opticianry as never before.

For years, ophthalmologists and optometrists seemed worlds apart, and patients would seek the expertise of each specialist separately, sometimes assuming they don’t need one or the other, leaving eye conditions still in their early stages undetected. Or, needing eyeglasses, they would see an ophthalmologist only to be sent elsewhere to an optometrist only to realize they would need to visit yet another optical shop because they didn’t have enough eyewear options to choose from.

EYEPIC enters the story in 2017, the year when our passion for revolutionizing eyecare became reality. With our first practice opening in Harlem, we courageously challenge the prototype of what an “optical” should be. Here our patients will find all the eyecare services they need, from diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of eye conditions, to filling their prescriptions and selecting the eyewear of their choice from a wide array of designers…all this combined under one roof, led by integrity and our desire to bring the best possible service to our community. And with most insurances accepted, our patients can rest assured that we are saving them not only their valuable time, but also money.

Visit us today and let us show you how our company’s defining principles will exceed your expectations.