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Relaxing your Eyes

Yoga for healthy eyes

Feeling tired? You are not alone! This past year has been exhausting. Relaxing your eyes with exercises is great to release tension, stress, and starting 2021 rested!

With short daylight and long work hours behind screens, we accumulate fatigue. It can lead to headaches, eye strains, and feeling like our vision quality is decreasing. To relax your eyes, there is a solution: Yoga for the eyes. Derived from yoga, it relies on meditation and relaxation.

This type of yoga is best when practiced with natural daylight. Exercises only take a few minutes. You will quickly see that your eyes feel better. Your vision might even become better after spending time behind the screens. To relax, you can follow the rhythm of your breath, imagine that you are in a dream place, or listen to calm music. This is up to you and what your preferences are.

1 – Reeducation

When you spend long hours behind a computer, vision is fixed for too long and the eyes have a hard time accommodating efficiently resulting in digital eye strain, where objects in the distance suddenly become blurry.  To work on your vision put your arm in front of you at your line of sight, lift up your index finger and slowly bring it to your nose then slowly bring it back out; repeat this back and forth motion at least 10 times while concentrating on your breathing.

2 – Geometry

The goal is to improve your eyes’ muscles so as to not spasm when staring at digital devices over long periods of time. You can do this exercise laying down on your back looking at the ceiling or sitting down looking at a wall. Trace a square with your eyes starting from the bottom right corner. Trace the square clockwise and in the opposite direction. Also, repeat this exercise with a circle and a triangle.

3 – Breathing

There is nothing better than meditating to stimulate blood flow in the eyes. Relax, and close your eyes. Concentrate your mind on your eyes. When your inhale and exhale, imagine that your breath is going through your eyes instead of your nose. You should feel the internal pressure of your eyes releasing. Meditating for 10 minutes should give you optimal results.

4 – Obscurity

When you are done with the other exercises, rub your hands to warm them up. Close your eyes and put your hands in front of your eyes without touching them. Enjoy the warmth of your hands for a few minutes.

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