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How do I Schedule an Eye Exam Near me?

Scheduling an eye exam near me

Finding an eye doctor has never been easier. A quick Google Search “eye exam near me” and you can find eye care practices listed in your area, see their contact information, location, and request directions to their office.

Most of the time, practices will have their office information available on Google as follow:

You will be able to see their name, photos of their office, have access to their exact location, their hours of operation, appointment scheduling system, links to their website, request directions, save their information, or call them directly. Most importantly, you will be able to see reviews from their current patients.

Because practices have entered their information online, Google gives you the nearest results to your location when you are searching for an “eye exam near me”.

Schedule with trust

Having access to patients’ reviews is one thing, another thing you should check before scheduling is the office’s photos. Some eye care and healthcare professionals will not take the time to show you the inside of their practice and this is because it might have outdated medical technology, be dirty, or messy. Whatever the reason is, you should be careful.

Practices with outdated technology will have a harder time identifying early stages of eye conditions, which can result in eye conditions left undetected and untreated. Sight-threatening eye conditions have often no symptoms in the early stages, which makes them hard to detect without adequate technology. Advanced eye care technology is costly for practices, but without it an eye doctor cannot be proactive, check patients’ eye health in detail, and provide superior vision care.

Another thing you should consider when looking for an “eye exam near me” on Google is the list of services offered by the practice. You can normally find them on their website. The best is to look for integrated eye care practices – offering optometry and ophthalmology under one roof. This, plus the technology the practice uses will ensure that you receive the best eye care possible. From comprehensive eye exams to eye surgeries, optometrists and ophthalmologists working together with the best available technology will be able to identify, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of eye conditions. Practices offering only optometry may have to refer patients to other practices specialized in ophthalmology. In this process, you will most likely have to re-do the auxiliary tests/examinations with the ophthalmologist that you already did with the optometrist. By going to an integrated eye care practice, you can rest assured that all your eye concerns will be addressed, saving you time, reducing referral stress, and avoiding mistakes throughout the eye care process.


It can be easy to schedule an eye exam from a quick “eye exam near me” search on Google, but there are some boxes to check before you choose your eye care provider. The top things to look at are:

1-      Services they provide. The best is to choose integrated eye care practices with Optometry, Ophthalmology, and Opticianry all together to ensure that all your eye care needs are met now or in the future.

2-      Technology they use. Look for photos of high-tech machines from brands such as Optos, Zeiss, Topcon, etc. They give practitioners the ability to meticulously check patients’ eyes health.

3-      Reviews from patients. Does the practice have a lot of reviews? Are the reviews fair/reasonable?

4-      Inside of the eye care practice: Does it look clean and safe? If a practice is unable to keep high standards, how can this practice take care of your eyes?

With all these tips, you can look for an “eye exam near me” safely and choose your eye care provider wisely.

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  1. It’s great that this article discussed how going to an integrated eye care practice would allow you to relax knowing that all of your eye issues will be taken care of, saving you time, lowering referral stress, and preventing errors throughout the eye care process. My spouse hasn’t had his eyes examined by an eye doctor in about two years. In the coming weeks, he must arrange an appointment with a renowned ophthalmologist to get his eyes checked.

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