Eye Care Practice: Your Website Matters

Improving end-to-end customer experience

Eyepic has recently been listed by 71three as one of the best Optometrist websites; we are so happy that our hard work has been recognized. We are a brick and mortar serving the New York Metropolitan area without an eCommerce as of yet. So why did we invest in building a great website if our eye care practice conducts business in person?

The world is online

Referrals work well in the eye care industry, but the world is online. A website is often the first impression of the practice. If potential clients find themselves on an outdated, lackluster website that is not user-friendly they will most likely exit and view another without ever contacting the practice. When an internet user leaves a website without going to a second page, it is called bounce rate. By redesigning our website to make it more professional and user friendly, we dropped our bounce rate by 15%. The seamless design attracted most users to our “homepage” and because the website was easily navigated potential clients then continued on to our “contact us” page or our “request appointment” page. Having a good website for your business will no doubt increase your chances of attracting new clients.

Most people are now browsing on their mobile devices. This means that a professional website should be optimized for mobile viewing to ensure that a user can navigate the website; if it is quick to load and formatted for a smaller screen the greater the chances that it can attract new clients. Internet searches and website visits are used by consumers more than any other method of research to contact businesses.

Brand credibility

A website will validate and establish brand credibility – or it can not. The first impression is a lasting one and your website is most often the face of your practice. Our first website had a design that did not reflect our mission and vision and potential clients picked up on that.  When we evaluated our credibility to potential users with surveys we found that many users labeled our website as a “scam” which could not be farther from the truth. We provide high end, detailed-oriented eye care with the most up to date technology. We had invested in the technology, staff, doctors, products, and services but it did not translate to a thriving practice because our first impression on the internet was untrustworthy. We had to take a step back and create a website that mirrored the in-person experience.

All digital roads lead to your website

We know that most people search online to find the products or services they need. There are many marketing strategies to reach internet users. A company can do online advertising, create SEO strategies (to rank in the first search engine pages), use social media as a means of communication, create email marketing campaigns, and so on. The only issue is that all these strategies will eventually lead users back to your website and/or associated landing pages. Which makes all your investments in digital marketing fruitless unless your website is polished and professional.

Customer service

We live in a digital world in which customer service is key to sustainable growth. Clients can leave reviews online, refer your business to friends, and help your business grow. By providing them with a user-friendly website, you ensure that they get the best experience even before reaching out to your practice or coming to the physical locations. Your website will show them you care about your business and that you can be trusted.

Get ahead of your competition

When you invest in a great website alongside marketing to develop your online presence, you can get ahead of your competition. With long-term marketing efforts, your website will grow and rank better on Google and other search engines. This means greater exposure to users looking for your service and/or product categories before your competitors. Internet users rarely go on the second search engine page to find what they are looking for. If your website becomes authoritarian online, you have higher chances to convert new clients and have a successful business.

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