Keratoconus is a progressive ocular disease in which the normally spherical cornea begins to thin creating a dome shape that bulges outward like a cone.

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Our optometrists and ophthalmologists are proud to serve our Harlem community with exceptional eye care services and specialties such as Keratoconus treatment.

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"Awesome! Very thorough exam. Doctor was great, explained everything in detail. Staff was nice and professional. I recommend to everyone. After searching for years for a good eye care place, my search is finally over."
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"My first time visiting the site, it was a great experience. Friendly professional and very nice staff. The doctor and assistants are very knowledgeable and explained everything very well to me. I would recommend to everyone"
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"The doctor here is very trustworthy and he’s very calm collective He will communicate to you in a way you will understand and feel safe I eat also is not like other doctors where they see you once and make an appointment for two months later he will be consistent with you and and concerned for your well-being I’m glad I came across this doctor because I don’t want anyone else"
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